A New Dream

I am going to call these my Dandelion Moments.

I have a little guy this year who pushes me to the brink of my patience and teaching skills. I am on him all day every day. And just when I don’t know if I can possibly do this any more he runs up to me on the playground holding a dandelion. He has a face full of joy and love and he throws his hands around my waist and presents his gift. Love you Pirozzi, he says. OK I think this is a moment I have to remember.

Yesterday I wanted to hit my head on the reading group table. I felt like I had just been trying to instruct a group of monkeys, and the ring leader was Dandelion. How can I possibly do it?

This morning I put the picture of that dandelion moment in my head and vowed to try again.

Writing time is particularly challenging for this guy. We have been working on a piece about our hopes and dreams for about 5 days. He has been drawing pictures of video games and scribbling. Determined not to give up we had the following conversation.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Dandelion: Mc Donald’s
M. Why do you want to work at Mc Donald’s?
D: My dad said
M: What if you could be anything you wanted?
D: No my dad said Mc Donald’s or Burger King.
M: OK what if your dad said you could be anything you want to be?
D: (thinking) Firefighter
M: OK draw a picture of that. Draw a picture of you being a firefighter and I will check back in with you.

When I check back in he has a detailed drawing of him standing next to a fire truck spraying water on a burning house. He is so excited and wants to tell me all about it.

M: That is a great picture of you as a firefighter. Tomorrow we will work on the words to go with the picture.

D: (throws his arms around my waist with that joyful smile) I have a dream!

And that is a supreme dandelion moment. That is why I keep showing up, taking deep breaths and doing the next right thing.

That is what inspired me to start this blog!