Sitting with Suffering

I thought I would do a lot of writing this summer. I was looking forward to long days of exploring my own thoughts and putting them down on paper. I did not do that. I was doing a lot of reading and thinking. I was challenging myself to go places I had been avoiding. I was reading a lot about people struggling with inequity. I was thinking about myself, my place, my part in inequity. I was examining my bias. I was going to some hard places and I was refusing to throw up my hands and say “What am I suppose to do about these big problems?”

We have big problems in our world. And if we aren’t responsible for those big problems who is? I have the privilege of walking away from so many of these big problems. I am white, I am middle class, I am a citizen of the United States. I can walk away from big problems. But I can’t.

I was listening to Brene Brown recently and she was saying that as human beings we are all connected. I believe that is true. She went on to say that as long as any one of us is suffering we will all suffer. I believe that is also true.

So I have been taking myself to some really hard places. I have been looking at suffering. I have been trying to sit with the suffering and acknowledge it’s presence. And I have been wondering. Where do I go from here? Writing this is my next step.

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